Corporate radio is closed circuit radio broadcasting that performs broadcasting specific to your company. It is a system that helps your target group feel good; thanks to the true music play, performed in common areas of your company and that increases your brand value with the advertisement spots, which tell your corporate structure and seasonal campaigns.

Why Corporate Radio?​

Only RTP media is authorized regarding the copyright for the music broadcasts performed in your company and therefore you will not be obliged to make any payments to other Professional Associations (i.e., Mesam Müyap Msg Müzikbir and Müyorbir).

As your radio is only specific to your brand, you can maintain promotion of you trademark, campaigns or products by working jointly with our production unit, which prepares music libraries based on your corporate identity.

With the RTP Media Player application to be provided in Corporate Radio Broadcasting, you will be able to;

  • make the same music and announcement broadcast at the same time in any branch offices,

  • make sound recording with different announcements in any branch offices,

  • create a separate music stream in any branch offices,

  • organize personal celebrations.

  • and you will not be affected by internet disconnections while performing all these.

RTP Media protects your rights!

More than 4.500 Stores, Markets, Restaurants, Cafes and Shopping Malls in Turkey are under protection with RTP Media Music Library.

Get rid of pirate broadcasts.
Protect your rights…!