Only RTP media is authorized regarding the copyright for the music broadcasts performed in the Shopping Mall. That is why, you will not be obliged to make any payments to other Professional Associations (i.e., Müyap, Mesam, MSG, Müyorbir, Müzikbir etc.).

Thanks to the radio activated for you, RTP Media performs the promotion of your company and new products, if any, in the areas where your customers are available.

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You will be able to control the entire music broadcasting activity in any branch offices thanks to corporate radio. You will be able to perform broadcasting specific to, or different in any branch offices.

You will have the opportunity to advertise ads specific to the desired branch offices while the same music broadcast is available in all of the branches.

Based on the number of the customers within the branch offices, you will be able to generate income from this system by allowing for commercials within the broadcasting. This application is managed by RTP Media Advertisement Department.

RTP MEDYA restaurants Kurumsal Radyo

As the RTP Media Family Production team, we produce sound recording, packaged software, jingle, music and other similar contents. 250 product announcements are made on average per day. These announcements reach 2 million people through 2500 branch offices / stores approximately, for which we provide service. Other than RTP Media staff, our team, consisting of 9 people, who are engaged in production activity continue to serve you with top quality professional service concept in their studios in Istanbul, Cyprus and Tekirdağ.

Serkan SÖYLEMEZ, RTP Media Production Manager

In-Restaurant Music Broadcast