We work with an innovative and qualified service concept. As the RTP Media Production team, we produce sound recording, packaged software, jingle, music and other similar contents. 300 product announcements are made on average per day. These announcements reach 7 million people through more than 5000 branch offices / stores, for which we provide service. Our team, consisting of 9 people, who are engaged in production activity in RTP Media, continue to serve you with professional service concept and top quality equipment in their studios in Istanbul, Cyprus and Tekirdağ. Just as performing point radio and announcement broadcasts thanks to our specific software and equipment we contribute to the profitability rates of the companies through our reporting activities.

We create brand-specific libraries working in detail for any trademarks, we render service. We prepare the music libraries required to be played in the Markets, Stores, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Restaurants and Hotels based on the course of the day in line with academic researches. Following the presentation of music library, which we offer for each brand, we inform our partners in a panel about what kind of music should be played at which hour. In the boutique service, provided for each company, we can make modifications in the music company as is requested by the company official.

We update a wide range of music library archive in accordance with the playing lists, prepared specific to the brand and the playing lists are never repeated. In addition to all these facilities, we further provide a professional radio channel service for all companies. We prepare and offer announcements in this radio channel following the special days for you in our country and the world.

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