Shadow Sound

Stores, Cafeterias, Shopping Malls, Markets, Showrooms, Fair Grounds, Airports, Trains, Stations..

Now your customers will be able to listen to any songs they wish, no matter what they want to listen, immediately in all of the areas where you make your sales thereby connecting to your company's central music system through their mobile phones.

With the Mobile App.  your clients will shop in joy listening to their desired song while walking through the sales areas.

It is an application to ensure your customers stay longer in the sales areas.

When the customers enter into sales areas, the system will be automatically activated in the mobile phones of the users.

The system will be completely in your control and the system will only include the music catalogue that addresses your customers only, and the client will be allowed to choose songs only from this pool.

Broadcast system will not be disconnected during the selection of the customer and the song, chosen by the customer will be played in the sales area immediately after the song which is aired at that moment.