Advertisement Revenues

  • You can generate revenues thanks to the advertisements to be included in your corporate radio broadcast
  • Essential information for this is just to know the total number of branches and daily visitors.
  • Advertisements to be taken on behalf you is taken by RTP Media.
  • These ads are included in the broadcast following your confirmation.
Ad Ülker Rondo
Ad Seconds 18 Seconds
Daily Ad Repetition 10
Broadcasting Period 10 days
Number of selected Stores (below 1.000) 120 Stores in Istanbul
Number of Total Ad Repetitions (for 1 branch) 100 Repetitions
Number of Total Ad Repetitions (for 120 branches) 12.000 Repetitions
Unit Price per Second is TL 0,03

Thanks to this store-broadcast monitoring system, you will be able to control all of your branches wherever and whenever you wish to do so. With the automation system developed by us, music broadcast will continue even if internet is disconnected within the stores. Internet is needed only for updates. With this system, it is possible to monitor which branches will not be able to have updates.

You will be able to see the contents of the publication that our production team prepared for your brand identity according to the hours of the day. When you want it, you can get a report on which song, which style, how long and how many times it is broadcast.